Design, refinishing, online consignment


Peddled Wares is here to help you whether you need a lot or a little. Not sure where to start? Contact us and we’ll walk you through the process.


Online Consignment

We charge a fraction of what traditional consignment stores cost and reach a lot more buyers.  We offer market advice, but you get to set the final sales price.  Best of all, you can have us help you only as much as you need:


Full Service Consignment

Includes photography, storage, multi-website listing and meeting all potential buyers

If want us to store your pieces as well as be available at the drop of a hat for potential buyers, then this option is for you.

  • Cost: 40% of sale price.


Listing-Only Consignment

Includes multi-website listing and corresponding with potential buyers   

If you are able to store your item yourself and are willing to meet with the final buyer, this option is for you.  Just send us pictures and descriptions of the items, and we will list them all over the internet and respond to all inquiries.  We narrow down buyers to only solid leads and then schedule pick-ups at a time convenient to you.

  • Cost: 20% of sale price.


Design Consulting

Includes a virtual or in-home visit to discuss what can be sold or refreshed to improve your design.  If new items are desired, we will send options in your taste and price point. We charge hourly instead of making purchases for you at a markup in order to be transparent about costs.

  • Cost: $40/hour


Furniture Refinishing/Repair and Transportation

Often times a piece needs a little TLC before it can be sold, and sometimes you discover the perfect piece for your home but it needs some work.  We can help you out with that.  Contact us and we’ll discuss what is needed.