Design, refinishing, online consignment


Grant and Mary Dryden are a husband and wife team.  Mary does the design and listings while Grant does the refinishing, repair and heavy lifting.




Mary has been in the design field for ten years.  She’s worked on thousands of restaurants, offices, shops, and homes. While these high budget, high design projects are fun, she finds her favorite part of the process to be making the design reflect the personality of her clients.  This can be done at any price point, and usually it’s done best by using what clients have collected over time.  In her own home she prefers to shop smart, refresh vintage pieces, and on the rare occasion that she invests in something high-end she always funds her purchases by selling what she no longer needs.




Grant is an engineer by training and works as an IT manager for a large financial services corporation.  Though he uses his brain all day, he prefers to work with his hands.  He fixes electronics, refinishes furniture, carves wood, and builds furniture from scratch.  After years of making clients jealous of her built-in handyman, Grant has offered to help. His tech know-how ensures Mary is up to date with the latest in online consignment and his craftsmanship turns even the roughest pieces into very valuable goods.


The Story

Peddled Wares came about when Grant and Mary moved into a cute old house with no storage.  They had twice as much furniture as they needed and an embarrassing amount of decor.  Mary sold what they didn’t need online and discovered that she had made enough money to fund all the moving related expenses and then some.  Not only was it easy on the budget, but it’s led to a whole new approach to possessions. They’ve been able to pass along items they don’t need to help those that do, divert usable goods from the landfill and at the same time are freed from lugging extra stuff around next time they move.  As you’ve probably heard before “Own your stuff, don’t let it own you.”

If you’re interested in this philosophy, call us up. If you need more convincing, check out Joshua Becker’s inspiring blog:  Becoming Minimalist

Want to get rid of stuff but prefer to give it to those in need rather than sell?  We are proud to help out there too.  Often a charity can use cash more than used goods.  We will list furnishings for you for free if you agree to donate the profits to the St. Vincent de Paul Society. They also take donations directly at their thrift stores: St. Vincent de Paul Dallas


Grant and Mary