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No Money, No Problem

Hey there, it’s Mary, and let me tell you about my constant struggle and methods of coping.  No, this has nothing to do with my love of donuts and aversion to exercise.  I want to share my struggle with decorating when you don’t have it in the budget, specifically with my master bedroom design.

When Grant and I got married and moved in together, the bedroom decor was all his.  I wanted to update it to reflect both of us but didn’t want to spend much because the old stuff wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t me.  We decided to keep all the expensive elements like the headboard, nightstands, and duvet but update the wall art, lamps, and throw pillows.  The existing headboard was made of a reclaimed door with perfectly chipped old black paint, so we kept black as our neutral and decided to add in blush and forest green.  This would give the room a fresh (Mary-like) but woodsy (Grant-like) vibe.

Woman with trees
I found my dream man

For the art I went shopping in the rest of the house (I keep a stockpile of old frames in the back of the closet).  Unless you have a killer piece of art you want to base the room around, start with the frames empty and get the layout right. Once you have that you can print art to fit. After playing with all our old frames I decided to go with a simple arrangement on a wall ledge.  None of the frames I chose matched, but a few coats of spray paint fixed that and then I started thinking about what to put in them.  I chose a black and white landscape with some depth to it, a color photo of Grant and me, and a typographic piece of a cute song lyric. With one-hour printing and $30, I had a gallery wall.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the perfect lamps and throw pillows in the back of my closet, so a few purchases had to be made.  To fund them, I sold Grant’s old décor and lamps and made $100.  I bought the new lamps on sale at Target for $25 each. Instead of buying full throw pillows, I bought 2, $10 covers and used pillow inserts I already had.  The green, white, and black pillow had to be custom made. Because I hate threading my sewing machine I had someone on Etsy make it for $30. Net cost of all decor: free!

So, should you horde décor in the back of your closet for all your future decorating? Of course not!  Save the few pieces you really love and sell the rest to fund what you need right now.  If you shop smart you can usually sell what you are finished with for about what you paid. If you need help selling your stuff, you know who to call 😉


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